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🖤Black Widow Necklace🖤

🖤Black Widow Necklace🖤

$ 500.00

Sterling Silver 925 18"long- I can make it longer up to 18" just put  it in my notes if thats what you need.
This is a custom order it will take me a week to make 

I just had to put these two stones together.

Actinolite offers psychic protection and can strengthen the edge of your energy field, allowing you to expand your aura and remain safe in the process. It offers insight into energies that are interfering with spiritual growth and can help remove those blocks. If you set an intention to release unwanted aspects of yourself, Actinolite can help smooth the process of letting go.
Actinolite aligns mind-body-spirit. It assists those who are looking to redefine their journey, calmly offering support and love as the new direction is discovered, gently urging you to take the risk of rebirth. It encourages ‘right’ action, alleviates procrastination, and improves self-esteem. This stone relieves stress, and awakens the ability to achieve higher consciousness.
Amethyst crystals have a spiritual quality and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of consciousness. 
Psychic Awareness: Amethyst is a powerful stone for healing. It also aids in psychic awareness and helps with imagery. If worn while sleeping, it helps you interpret dreams and ward off nightmares. Amethyst enhances intuition and inspiration, gives you clarity and insight, and is an excellent stone for meditation and relaxation. It also uplifts the spirit, bringing positivity and happiness to those in its presence.

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