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Copper Agate Ring

Copper Agate Ring

$ 165.00

Copper Agate with dolomite.

Solid sterling silver925. 

size 8 1/2

*Copper Meaning and Energy*
Copper conduct energy, clear out negativity, and to help balance the chakras.
Not only is it a mineral but also a element
Copper is a healer of not only one’s physical, but auric body as well. This healing element is used as a conductor within crystal grids, orgone pyramids, and your own personal magic. Copper enhances our entire emotional field and properly grounds the higher vibrations around us into a physical realm. It is capable of helping us manifest our truest desires, while bringing about universal knowledge. Copper’s special ability is its process of igniting our true inner potential and connecting it with our personal will. With both of these forces aligned, the shining light within us can burst through to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms