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Purpurite Medieval Goddess

Purpurite Medieval Goddess

$ 200.00 $ 500.00

Sterling Silver 925

Natural Purpurite Stone

14"-17" long with a lobster clasp

Weight 2.3 oz

This beautiful Medieval necklace is design to fit the neck like a choker.


Purpurite crystals open the crown chakra as well as open the eighth chakra above that, and link them down to the base or root chakra.

Many people who use it find that after they have been using it for some time, it may take you higher, to the soul star chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras, where it is said to aid enlightenment.

It embodies within it the violet flame energy, which is highly spiritual in nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers strong psychic protection.

This stone has strong metaphysical properties, and is an excellent stone to help with stress.

If you have been aware of any self-destructive situations, that may be limiting your personal growth, this stone helps to clear these problems.

It aids you to have confidence in your abilities to verbalize your thoughts clearly, and with total lack of obstruction.

Where Is It From? Purpurite Meaning

The meaning of its name comes from the Latin word 'purpura' which means purple. This beautiful purple stone has been found in Australia, Namibia, France, and the USA.

Purpurite mineral is a manganese phosphate stone and its color is caused by various amounts of manganese and iron in the stones.