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Sardonyx Cuff Bracelet 🖤.

Sardonyx Cuff Bracelet 🖤.

$ 280.00 $ 600.00

Sardonyx Cuff Bracelet 🖤.

.999 fine silver / fits all /  4.3oz in silver 

Sardonyx jewelry adds a fiery and powerful accent to any outfit. It can stand alone as a focal piece or be a part of a visually intriguing stringing pattern with its unique banding.

Much of the black and white-banded sardonyx's power comes from its association with a particular body type--slender, quick-moving people who are intellectually active. If you're clever, versatile, highly verbal and have an optimistic disposition, those traits may be heightened when you wear black and white-banded sardonyx. Or, you can wear it to help you control one of those traits if it's working against you.

Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength.
Sardonyx is associated with courage, happiness and clear communication. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships.

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