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Witches knowledge of the universe Ring

Witches knowledge of the universe Ring

$ 75.00 $ 450.00


Ammolite Stone

Sterling Silver 925

size 7 Ring

It is believed that the Ammolite absorbed all the knowledge of the universe, and is therefore able to enhance wisdom, increase wealth and improve the flow of chi. Placed in the home it is said to transform negative
energy, bring harmony and increase the vitality of the occupants and their visitors.


Ammolite is a semi-precious gemstone that is the result of a fossilized crustacean from the Crustaceous and Jurassic eras. The name “Ammolite” is derived from the ancient Egyptian God, Ammon, who was characterized by a head of the ram with twisted horns, comparable to the twisted shape of the crustaceous shell.

Ammonite comes in a variety of colours caused by iridescence. Iridescence offers a play on colours that shift through various chromatic states.

Crystal Healers

Ammolite is often used by crystal healers to help find personal awakening, as the stone is intended to connect you with the environment on both a physical and spiritual level. The stone connects to the root chakra and can help the individual channel and tune their energies. It is said that that stone has strong protective energies that can help guide people through challenges, trauma, sickness and various other problems.

Through a deep connection with the stone, people have noted that it brought them prosperity, luck and riches. Below is a list of properties that professional healers have noted about the stone.

Ammolite can:

Help calm a chaotic environment

Help protect your relationship

Offer you stability in your relationship

Improve your focus

Help one open up to completely loving and/or being completely loved

Increase stamina

Help one rid themselves of unhealthy attachments

Prevent exhaustion

Help you balance mind and body

Comfort and soothe the individual in times of trouble

Strengthen the will to live life to the fullest

Guide, develop and maintain emotional growth

Help treat depression

Soothing for both the mother and child after birth

Help detoxify and cleanse the body

The Ammolite is defined by intuitive knowledge, grounding and prosperity, and can be utilized in both jewellery form and/or in its raw form. This gemstone has an incredibly rich history and has been used in various countries and cultures throughout the world for its spectacular healing properties. Ammolite has so many remarkable properties that it is challenging to pick one ideal meaning or property.